Trims include a variety of decorative items in the house, for example, casing for doors and windows, columns,spandrels,crown molding, pediments, pilasters, corbels.

We at Wolf’s Siding Inc. provide all kinds of trims of varied designs and materials according to your needs.



Vinyl Siding installation is a very important part of the building. Vinyl siding is a plastic-type of exterior siding for the buildings. It provides several benefits including decoration, weatherproofing and hiding the joints and imperfections. Appropriate vinyl siding installation is pivotal because it makes your residential or commercial building weather-resistant as well as power efficient.

Vinyl siding is very durable, lasts a long time with minimal maintenance. The installation cost, as well as maintenance both, are very budget-friendly. Vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors and since the color goes through each panel, it doesn’t flake or gets chipped off. The no-damage look of vinyl siding gives your building a new look for years.  It also adds texture and color to the exterior of your house to adopt any building style you want to incorporate.



Clapboard siding is aimed at mimicking the natural wood grain. It delivers the traditional look of wood while keeping the maintenance easy. It is very popular because of its beauty as well as for low installation and maintenance costs. Clapboard siding has proved its worth for years, hence, it is a tested and tried solution.

We at Wolf’s siding use the best quality clapboard material and our experienced craftsmen provide the installation services of high quality to give your house a clean finish and look. We make sure that the installation provides complete sealing and is moisture resistant.



Hardie plank is one of the premier siding installations available in the USA. It gives your house a look of traditional siding with low-cost maintenance.  Hardie planks come in various styles, textures, and finishes. Hardie planks have many advantages over other types of sidings. It is an ideal choice for hot and damp environments while it also protects against termites and insects. It doesn’t crack or deteriorate easily, therefore, maintenance is not required frequently.

We at Wolf’s Siding Inc. strive to provide you a vast range of Hardie planks with a guarantee and give you the best services of craftsmanship for installation. Our workers have experience and expertise to install Hardie planks efficiently and with matchless perfection.



Are you building a new house or your old gutters are rusted, cracked or are about to fall? This is time to give you gutter installation a complete overhaul. Cracked or leaking gutters can pose damage to your roof as water is not passing through gutter rather it may seep into eaves of the house. Even your siding and foundation may get affected.

Wolf’s Siding Inc. takes pride in providing the best services and craftsmanship in gutter installations.